About us

About us

Agrawal SONS was formed in March 2017 by promoter Mr. Hari Krishan Agrawal and Mr. Arpit Agrawal. Agrawal SONS was formed with a goal to share the knowledge gained by Mr H K Agrawal in 27 years by working in production, quality, supplier development, customer service, Quality Management System (ISO 9001, AAR M-1003, TS16949), Environmental management System(ISO 14001), Total Productivity Management(TPM), Quality Circle etc.

A team of like-minded experts is associated with Agrawal SONS who are masters in their respective fields. Currently, Agrawal SONS has the capability to provide consultancy and training in the fields of quality, transportation, environment, health, safety.

Vision and Mission

Our vision for Agrawal SONS is to create an organisation which provides tailor made solutions to various challenges facing an industry. We hope to achieve excellence in fields of Quality, Safety and R&D, making Agrawal SONS a one-stop firm for various needs of an industry.

Our mission is to share the knowledge and experience our team has to offer

An intiative is being taken by Agrawal SONS to create knowledge Bank from where you can Download useful Articles, explanations, solutions to various field Agrawal SONS expertizes in..


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